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Most men are not ashamed of the appearance of their genitals, although many women are. Why do you think these differences exist?

I believe women are ashamed because of their insecurities. Throughout time, society has put so many emphases on women being perfect in order to be accepted by the opposite sex, or their partner. Some women feel they need to look beautiful in every aspect or no one will accept them. Unfortunately, women compare themselves to social media, television, and the internet for validation of what they should look like. Society tends to shy away from men having to be or look “perfect” in order for the opposite sex to engage with them.

Teens and adolescence are more affected by this because of the heavily, broadcasted world of social media. Their minds are not fully developed yet, and they take in what is portrayed on these outlets, which are not always good. It’s unfortunate to teen ladies because their bodies are not fully developed. What is portrayed on social media as “acceptable and desired”, of the female anatomy, are those of fully developed women. This leads to confusion and misconceptions of stereotypes of the female body. (Links to an external site.)

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Why are people so threatened by masturbation? What does the research say about the importance of masturbation?

There are a multitude of health benefits associated with masturbation. Masturbation isn’t something that is only done by lonely people or by people struggling with their sexuality – people in healthy relationships regularly engage in masturbation in addition to their regular sexual activity. Masturbation is a good way to explore your sensitivity, experiment, and have better sex. It has also been proven to aid in relieving cramps during your period, promote better sleep, and improve your overall mood. Masturbation regularly also lowers men’s chances of developing prostate cancer.

There is a stigma surrounding masturbation that it’s shameful or immoral, especially in some religious circles. There’s also misinformation that it will lower your sperm count, or make you less inclined to have sex with your partner. While there is a danger to masturbating too frequently (indicating addiction to masturbation), occasional self-pleasuring is safe and encouraged.

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