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Study Questions for 610 Cases

To Say or Not to Say

  • What decision options does Rita have? Are they either sell the bonds or not?
  • How should she make the decision? What criteria should she use to make her decision?
  • What decision will bring the most benefit to the maximum number of stakeholders in

this situation?


  • What are the major developments in the music industry at the time of the case? How are they relevant to the band’s proposed marketing strategy?
  • Why would the band abandon the established retail channels of music sales? Wouldn’t they make more money making a CD, selling it in record stores and big box retailers, and selling a digital version on iTunes?
  • What criteria would you use to evaluate their marketing strategy?

DRW Technologies

  • Does DRW have reasons to be concerned about costs? Is the concern overblown or should the company be trying to reduce costs?
  • What does the situation described in the case look like from Claiborne’s point of view? How does it look to the plant procurement managers? Are there differences that matter in how they view the situation?
  • Who is right and who is wrong in this situation?


Consider the following information:

1. CPI data from BLS:

2. Expected inflation data from Treasury Inflation Protected Securities:

Discuss the reasons behind high inflation. What is your expected level of inflation for 2022, 2025, and 2030?

Please create a thread with your answer. Once you respond, you will be able to see the response of other students. Please respond to the thoughts of at least two other students.

Additional References:



  • How can you persuasively structure thinking about an evaluation?
  • Discussion of the “Radiohead” case.
  • Note on the Radiohead assignment: do not do outside research for your writing assignment. Use ONLY the information in the case.

Radiohead Writing Assignment (15/100 points)

Radiohead has hired you as a consultant and wants you to advise them on their proposed release strategy for their latest album, In Rainbows. Is the band’s release strategy for the album a stroke of genius or an invitation to disaster for the band? Why? (See below for the grading criteria.)

Word limit: 800 words.

Submit your assignment on Blackboard–see the link below. Be sure to include your first name in the name of the Word file and in the document—both places!

Grading Criteria for Writing Assignment

Here is what we are looking for in this assignment:

  • Do you state an overall evaluation?
  • Do you offer compelling reasons for the evaluation that are based on relevant criteria?
  • Do you provide persuasive evidence for each reason?
  • Do you include both positives and negatives of the release strategy?
  • Is your argument easy for a reader to follow?

Required Reading (books, articles, cases):

  • Bryan A. Garner, HBR Guide to Better Business Writing, Section 2 (pp. 43-87).
  • “Radiohead” case (use the link to HBS Publishing on Blackboard–it’s at the top of this page!)

Required Reading on Blackboard (see above):

  • Handout: Example of an Evaluation Argument
  • Handout: Evaluation Argument Template
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