Dissect a brand

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need guidance to help me learn.

SUBMISSION The purpose of this assignment is to look into the intangibility of brands. Beyond the physical product, if there is one, to the vibe, gut feeling it exudes, the essence of a brand is how the consumer perceives its value. It’s always about perceptions. Dissect a brand of your choice (a consumer product is an easy place to start rather than a service, retailer, cause or organization).

Present your analysis in a document (max. 5 pp).

  • Select a brand (see below for ideas).
  • Identify brand elements (logos, symbols, characters/icons, packaging, slogans, trademarks, taglines) used in marketing communications (yes, that Trader Joe’s bag is advertising, too.)
  • What are the brand associations? (see the Nike brand association map below for inspiration—you don’t need to make a map, just write down the associations with your chosen brand. Don’t repeat brand identity from above).
  • Review the brand’s social media. What is the messaging and current visual communications?
  • Who is/are the target audience/s? Who uses/consumes this brand?
  • What’s the brand DNA–inherent attributes of the product:

– Brand’s core values: what does the brand stand for, what is enduring about the brand? Does the brand have a “story?” Thomas Burberry invented the “trench coat” to keep the British army warm and dry during battles along the trenches in World War I.

– Brand promise/value proposition: One or two key tangible benefit/s used in the brand’s positioning. e.g. the Cuban cigar Miami smokes, the brand that invented tv, the best-priced auto insurance, 4 of 5 dentists approve.

– Brand vibe: what is the emotional image the brand projects? Describe the brand’s heart & soul in six words or less. e.g. McDonald’s: “Food, folks and fun.”

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