Case Write Up

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need guidance to help me learn.


The key to performing a good case write-up is to ground your analyses and recommendations on
sound strategic principles: take what you learned from the readings and apply it to the analysis of
the case. You must be able to justify your position, not just recommend a position. Cases should
be no more than 1 page, single-spaced, 12pt font, 1 inch margins. In most organizations, top
management has a very short attention span. It is critical to for you to be able to make a coherent
argument to your boss within 1 page for your ideas to get attention.

Your write-up is to be broken into three distinct parts (please provide headings for each part)

1. Problem summary (1-2 concise sentences summarizing problem)

2. Analysis of problem (Expand upon multiple facets of problem)

3. Recommendations (Build upon any data analysis you may need to do to outline feasible
recommendations, using facts from the case.)

I want you to write why did you chose this recommendations! it will be graded.


Among the critical aspects that you will be assess on are the quality and thoroughness of your
review and recommendations, the clarity of your writing. Consider two important points
emphasized by our BizComm specialists:

1.) Your job as a writer is to deliver the most accurate information with the least amount
of work required on the reader’s part (write in plain English).

2) Don’t make your reader ask, “Why are you telling me this?” (Don’t burden the reader
with information he or she doesn’t want or need).

Remember to use data, where necessary, to support your recommendations. “Pie in the sky”

recommendations are not tolerated. Clear and concise articulation of your thoughts is
paramount. Use professional tone in your writing (No “I, me, and my”)

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