research methodology

Subject: Research Methodology
Program: DBA
Kindly note that:
– Plagiarism (copy and paste from the internet or other resources) should not exceed 20%.
– The deliverable should be in Word form. Font type: New Romans and Font Size is 12.
– No PDFs will be accepted.
The candidate is asked you to produce a formal proposal of at least 4000 -6000 words
describing the research problem he or she intends to pursue in their DBA thesis.
This take-home exam has three goals:
 To help develop an effective research plan for the DBA thesis considering the topic,
body of knowledge, research questions, sources, potential implications, ..etc..
 To practice working with the Research Proposal needed in academic field
 To practice effective academic writing
The proposal should be at least 4000 words in length and should have a well-thought-out title.
The submitted document must be divided into sections with the following titles:
 Additions to Chapter 2 – literature review that includes:
o Research Gap
o Research Objectives
o Major Research Question & Minor Research Questions
 Chapter 3 – Theoretical framework. Draft the chapter to include the following
o Introduction
o Research Philosophy
o Research Approach
o Research Design
o Unit of Analysis
o Data collection: questionnaire and constructs
o Time Horizon
o Population & Sample
 Qualitative approach
 Quantitative approach
o Research framework
 Conceptual Framework
 Operationalization
 Research hypothesis
 Limitation
o Research Ethics
Extra Resources
The following resources (both I English & Arabic Languages) may help the candidate to
complete the required assignment:
Regarding structuring your dissertation
Regarding the gap, objectives and research questions:
 Gap Statements « Write Like a Scientist (
 4.3 Research objective(s) (
 Developing Strong Research Questions | Criteria and Examples (
Regarding theoretical framework of a dissertation:
Grade Rubric
Objectives Evaluation criteria Rubric
the situation
The student managed to:
Identify the research problem
Identify the major and minor research questions.
How genuine is the research problem
Identify the justification and practical implication
Applying the
The student managed to:
Select the proper model to investigate the research problem
Justify why this selection
Explain the model Validity
The student managed to:
Demonstrate an academic style of writing, making use of correct
grammar and vocabulary, well structure paper
Used references correctly and fairly (plagiarism)
Gather sufficient secondary sources using proper sources to draw
a clear picture that will be the foundation for his future research
Best of luck

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