suzhou river film speech

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PowerPoint slides (3 slides minimum exclude title and reference pages with images or film clips) on eight required films, analyzing the a scene from the chosen film on any theme related to ghostly matters that we covered or will cover in this course, such as transnationalism, diasporic body, nostalgia and so on. In the film analysis, you should establish a well-defined argument and substantiate it with evidence from at least one required reading (with direct quotations) and discuss it in detail. Please keep the presenting time between 8-10 minutes

For your chosen topics, the presentation should include but not limited to the following components:

a title slide

a few words highlighting the theme you plan to elaborate

a well-established argument

a substantiate scene analysis on not only the plot but also film languages

images or clips from the chosen film

evidence from at least one required reading (with direct quotations)

a reference slide

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