“Occupational and daily life” 5 paga powerpoint slides and 2 mins talk speech draft

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Pick a topic you are passionate about from the list provided below, related to occupation

Create the message you want to convey to others regarding this topic. Here are a few examples I have generated to demonstrate what I mean by ‘the message’:

  • how important it is to incorporate self-care in everything you do
  • why it is important to critically examine your assumptions regarding individuals or groups that are dissimilar to yourself
  • ways that we can tackle the stigma of mental health and be more supportive
  • how gender and sexuality differ and why this is important to understand

Build a script that provides the context and/or description of what is currently happening, regarding your topic and message, and what you feel (strongly) needs to change. What does this new change/vision bring to society? What evidence can you cite/share that gives your argument credibility? How will society benefit from your ‘new way of being’ (e.g., open-minded, accepting) or ‘becoming’ (e.g., an ally, an advocate, a listener)?

Videotape yourself (or have someone be camera-operator), as Rick Mercer does, monologuing your thoughts and/or script as if you are speaking to a group of people who are unaware, apathetic, naïve, or doubters of your topic and/or message.

  • Possible Topics:
  • A topic of your choosing that you feel passionate about, approved by the course instructor
  • Occupational deprivation, e.g., withheld from some, but not others; not permitted access
  • Occupational balance or imbalance, e.g., often out of necessity, key roles consume others, as in work life consumes leisure, family time or free time
  • Occupational justice or injustice, e.g., gender bias, cultural bias, racial bias, ageism
  • Occupation and Gender
  • Occupation and Decent Work
  • Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Occupations
  • Occupation and Technology
  • Truth and Reconciliation as it Pertains to Occupation
  • Occupation and Homelessness
  • Occupation and Mental Health
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