legals aspects of safety and health

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Please read the original question and then respond to ryan with 150 words

Original question

OSHA will refer to the General Duty Clause to cite a violation that is not covered by a specific regulation. Chapter 4 of the Field Operations Manual lists the criteria that must be met in order for a compliance officer to cite this clause. Do you believe the criteria is adequate? Why, or why not?

Please respond to ryan with 150 words

When it comes to the criteria and use of the General Duty Clause, I feel it is adequate and that it serves a purpose during an OSHA inspection. Though OSHA has strived to identify and address many of the hazards within the workplace, there are some that haven’t, which is where the General Duty Clause comes in. Many employers have been held accountable for unsafe practices regarding items like heat stress through the use of the General Duty Clause. It can be used as a catch-all if the criteria are met, for hazards not pertaining to a standard that has been established.

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