Human Cybersecurity

Question 1

Consider a startup social network app that runs primarily on smartphones. What design features should it have to make it usable for a variety of people? How can the app designers build security into the design of the system? How can they balance security and usability?

Question 2

A small student startup builds a dating app for people at their university. People who decide to use it enter their information, like photo, age, gender, sexual orientation, and STD status, in order to match with potential dates. The app also collects location information. Name and explain two potential negative consequences for users if the database gets hacked. What personal characteristics are likely to lead to a person being harmed more by a loss of confidentiality of the app’s data and why

Question 3

A small business has a basic, working security setup. They have enough money to pay either for a security education campaign or an automated vulnerability detection system. Name one potential benefit of each of these systems. Which item should the business choose to purchase and why

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