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Knowing that documentaries are supposed to portray the truth (however you want to define it), some documentaries are fact-checked but many aren’t. Here’s a starting list of documentaries that have been accused of misrepresenting the truth:


We tend to view narrative filmmaking as fiction if even if based on fact and documentary as more truthful. But consider the re-enactment segments in documentaries. How are these segments different than narrative filmmaking? After watching Grizzly Man and reading this weeks article, answer the following question about documentary filmmaking. Are documentaries inherently more truthful than other forms of visual storytelling?


Q2. Comment on below two peoples discussion post (3-4 lines)


“Sometimes, it turns out that maybe the truth needs a little bit of massaging to get that Oscar factor”, this statement coming from the article above tells it all. I have seen many documentaries and have learned quickly that not all being told is true. I am very excited to see this topic come up because like anyone before I have been fooled in the past. Hopefully, with my knowledge of a tall tale now I know how to find fact when watching a so called documentary. I am surprised to read about many of the documentaries in the article to be some what false such as the penguin documentary and the super size me which for the longest I was lead to believe how bad Mcdonalds is for you. Well, in truth it is but the liver condition that Spurlock endured wasn’t from the fast food but only his alcoholism and with that created a smoke screen. I feel that in some ways documentaries told by people who are not searching for the reward but only to let out the real truth is what makes them more truthful. However, some may say that the truth is boring and that is why the truth should be skewed to create a wild ride in a film but it all depends on who you ask. Me personally, would like to hear nothing but the truth. With logical thinking one is able to question the so called truth in certain documentaries enable to find what is missing. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good tall tale here and there but with serious matters, the truth should only be told as the truth.



Considering the “History” channel has many documentaries with very little evidence claiming that aliens made the pyramids and other ancient works, and the fact that flat earthers have made plenty of documentaries that have been published by major companies, I think it is quite clear that documentaries can be just as fictitious as a fantasy film. If there are no rules for fact checking documentaries before being placed on TV or streaming services, or playing in theaters, then documentaries are, overall, no more or less factual than narrative fiction based on history. Some may be more true, some may be less. A documentary dedicated to being as accurate as possible is likely to be more accurate than a historical fiction with the same dedication, but there will also be plenty of documentaries far less truthful than that piece of historical fiction.

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