Construct a personal family health genogram.
Your genogram will need to be typed; hand drawn genograms will be accepted if that is easier,
but MUST be legible. If you are adopted or simply do not know your family history or are
unable to obtain the disease aspect of your family, you must choose someone else as the focus of
your genogram. There are many free genogram templates available online, such as:
 GenoPro:
 Others
Your genogram must include (50 points):
 The genogram focus person must be indicated.
 A minimum of 3 generations (1: you or genogram focus person, siblings, cousins, 2:
parents, aunts/uncles, 3: grandparents, great aunts/uncles), and must contain between 15
and 30 people.
 Names, gender, ages, and health conditions of each family member. If deceased, indicate.
Please use symbols on the genogram itself to identify aspects.
 Clear relationships between family members (married, divorced, cohabitating,
parent/child, etc.). This must be in symbol format.
 Even though pets are family, they have little to do with the genetic transmission of
disease to you or your focus person. Therefore, please do not include pets in your
 A thorough legend explaining any symbols used, including relationships.
 Must be visually appealing/easy to read and follow.
 Must be uploaded as a pdf, jpeg, or word document, only.

I am including three examples and a Rubric of the assignment.

Uploaded additional materials:
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