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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Part 1

Now, we are going to practice some narrative and descriptive writing.

  • Write descriptively, using the five senses, about one place that has influenced you in a positive way. You should use descriptions and details to paint a clear picture of this place.

Part 2

For your first written assignment, you will write a descriptive paragraph based about someone that is significant to you. Within that paragraph, you will have to use description and reflection to write about this person.

Write one paragraph about a specific person that left a significant and positive impression on your life. (Please be aware that if you share information that is distressing, then your instructor is mandated to share that information with our counseling center.) • Consider the following questions when writing this paragraph: o What about this person makes them so significant to you? o How would you describe that person to someone who does not know them? Consider appearance, personality, and sensory imagery when building this description

Part 3

  • What do you think the biggest difference is between an unreliable source and a reliable source?
  • Why do you think a “reliable, scholarly” source is always stressed in academic writing?

Part 4

In this assignment, you will be creating one paragraph in which you respond to a question with evidence and practice writing in the third-person perspective.

You will be creating one paragraph that answers the following question: • Why or why not should American citizens be allowed to vote by mail?

Part 5

Let’s consider a scenario: You have been working for a fairly well-established investment firm for the last four months. You and a coworker were both assigned to write a report on the same startup business to determine if you should invest in it. Your coworker asked to see your report to verify some data. The next day, you and your coworker hand in the same report.

In your initial post, consider these questions:

  • How would you feel in this situation?
  • How would you deal with this type of plagiarism situation in the workplace?
  • What actions should your boss take?

Part 6

You should select a fun product that is interesting to you. You can write one paragraph about the “pro” of using the product and one paragraph about the “con” of the product. You can pick your own product, but here are some suggestions:

  • Water bottle
  • Self-driving cars
  • Jelly beans
  • Video games
  • Ebooks

Part 7

For this assignment, select one (1) of these issues to write about:

  • Free Speech Regulated on Social Media
  • Mandatory American Health Insurance
  • American National Service Requirement

Create one “pro” paragraph in support of the issue and one “con” paragraph against the issue. You need to include one academic and reliable source in the “pro” paragraph and one in the “con” paragraph.

Part 8

In your initial post, consider the following questions:

  • What would you consider to be the biggest difference between a fact and an opinion? How would you use a fact in your writing and how would you use opinion in your writing?
  • Why do you think that people get confused about the difference between a fact and an opinion?

Provide two statements at the end of your post. You can call them Statement # 1 and Statement # 2. One statement should be a fact and one should be an opinion. Do not state which is the fact and which is the opinion.

Part 9

Overview: Over the next couple units, you will work on creating your Argument Essay. You will begin by submitting an introductory paragraph for that Argument Essay. Your full essay will answer one of these questions. The essay should answer ONE (1) of these questions: 1. Should free speech be regulated on social media? 2. Should health insurance be mandatory for all American citizens? 3. Should Americans be required to complete some form of national service? From the Unit 4 Assignment: Pro and Con of an Issue assignment, you should have a good idea of your issue. Now, you will pick a side to focus your essay on in the opening of your essay. Begin the introduction with a sentence that hooks the reader from the start of your essay. You want to engage the readers with that first sentence to make them keep reading. Your next sentences will briefly explain your essay topics. Finally, end the introduction with a thesis statement that reveals your argument as well as your topics. Your introduction should begin your argument essay by starting to answer ONE of the above questions in a well-thought-out paragraph that: • Begins with a sentence that hooks the reader and grabs the reader’s attention. • Feature sentences that set up the issue by explaining your topics • Ends with your thesis statement or the main argument of your essay. The thesis is thecontrolling idea of your essay. It should state your argument and express your topics. ENG110 – College Writing Argument Essay Introduction Copyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Instructions: • Create an argument essay introduction that is the start of your essay to answer ONE (1) of the above questions. • You should have a compelling introductory paragraph that engages the reader in your argument, sets up the overall issue and your specific side of the issue, and ends with a thesis statement

Part 10

Please begin by selecting an advertisement for a popular product, such as soda, food, clothing brand, or a car. Write one paragraph considering the advertisement rhetorically by answering these questions: How does the advertisement logically (logos) sell the product to the consumer? What emotions (pathos) does the advertisement create in you after viewing it? What makes you trust (ethos) the brand in the advertisement or not trust them? Please include a link to the advertisement in your post. Make sure to review the Readings and Resources on the use of the rhetorical appeals in the unit.

Part 11

Some people really love revision. Other people prefer just to hand in what is required of them without revising or changing any of the assignment. Consider the following questions about revision:

  • What is your opinion on revision and how often do you revise your work?
  • What are the dangers of not revising your work?

Share an example from your work this term of a piece of writing that you actually revised.

Part 12

In this argument essay, you will demonstrate your ability to create a logical and fair argument that answers ONE of the below questions:

  • Should free speech be regulated on social media?
  • Should health insurance be mandatory for all American citizens?
  • Should Americans be required to complete some form of national service?

You will need to use three academic and reliable sources within your essay. Your essay should have a clear introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a references page.

Part 13

In the introduction discussion from Unit 1, you were asked about your feelings regarding writing coming into the class. Let’s review how you feel now about your progress with writing this term.

In your initial post, answer these questions:

  • How have those feelings changed or evolved as you complete this course?
  • How do you think writing will be used in your major and in your career?
  • Finally, what questions about writing do you still have?

Part 14

After having the opportunity to complete the course, what would you change and why? What topic particularly caught your interest and what do you want to know more about? Last, but not least, if you could share with the next class one piece of advice about this class, what would it be? Please note that this pertains to the class, the materials, flow/organization, etc.

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