Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature project and need a reference to help me learn.

Research Discussion #7

TOPIC: Electronic Health Records

Please read article 21 in your book, which reviews the literature on electronic health records and summarizes a few persistent challenges that electronic medical record (EMR) systems must address relating to patients’ security and safety.

  1. Please critically review the concepts for electronic health records architecture presented in this paper. If you wanted to choose another premise besides the two shown in this paper, namely (1) The premise of patient engagement and (2) the guidelines for a “Robust Health Data Infrastructure Architecture” platform for Health IT, what would it be?
  2. Look at the premisses used carefully and ask yourself if they suffice to alleviate the confidentiality concerns that outweigh the benefits of quality of care. What do you think of Consumer Health Informatics (CHI) that is paving the way for fully transparent health records? Do you think we are ready for a patient-centered medical home, patient decision aids and personal health management tools, and patient self-serve kiosks?
  3. Do you consider the two premisses of the paper appropriate? Provide a critical analysis.


The necessity of information sharing in healthcare is clear and critical to appropriate health care. That is why there is so much privacy legislation and hefty penalties (HIPPA). So this is a natural setting for concern of privacy/security to the point that it has deterred many providers from creating a comprehensive solution based on the latest ICT capabilities.
Other countries (especially China) are relaxing legislation to maintain the balance between protecting private information and pertinent disclosure of that information to authorized points of care. Look at these aspects carefully.

Be sure to proofread carefully (Use Grammarly – the premium version! Make sure your writing score is more than 90) and cite your sources (APA 7.0 ed).

1. Post your 500-700 word answers by Wednesday 11:55 pm to earn a maximum of 14 points.
2. Offer at least two 300-400 word comments (replies) to posts from your peers’ discussions by Sunday 11:55 pm to earn a maximum of 8 points each (total 16 points)
3. The total grade on each week’s RD is 30 points.

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