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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management report and need support to help me learn.

P&G uses virgin fibers and i need to show how switching over to bamboo for production will benefit the environment as well as how they can produce it in a sustainable way

Hello i need a one page paper on the benefits of using bamboo for toilet paper instead of virgin fibers

I need all the benefits

i also need to have the production and how it is made

the benefits of using bamboo vs virgin fibers

how the bamboo will be processed and turned into toilet paper

here is a little bit of what i have please use this to help but DO NOT copy this

Bamboo toilet paper has become increasingly popular for eco-conscious consumers in the 21st century. Bamboo may sound alarming at first but in fact it too is very soft while also very strong. Bamboo is so versatile that it’s frequently used for a wide range of products from toilet paper, clothing, home décor, furniture, to instruments, and even construction material. A few other great attributes of the bamboo plant are that it is an eco-friendly, sustainable material, and is able to completely break down fully fast. Where as traditional virgin fiber toilet paper made from tree pulp can take up to 3 years to fully decompose naturally. This feature also makes bamboo toilet paper more attractive for plumbing and septic tanks as it breaks down even easier with water and is not prone to clogging pipes. The manufacturing process is very similar to regular traditional toilet

paper that utilizes wood chips. The bamboo plant is broken down to fibers, which are added to a mixture that creates a bamboo pulp. The pulp is then soaked, pressed, and ultimately formed into paper where it is then dried to the correct moisture level prior to creating rolls. However, the big difference is that bamboo is a highly renewable resource with a much smaller environmental impact. Additionally, it can be found all around the world growing almost immediately after use at 35 inches a day or 1.5 inches per hour. Therefore, the well-maintained bamboo plant population avoids overconsumption due to its rapid growth rate. Also, it does not need a lot of space to grow, nor fertilizer or pesticide

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