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NR222 Health and Wellness Guidelines for Culture Presentation1



During this in-class group presentation, you will explore various cultures and examine the nurse’s role in caring for people of those cultures. The activity is meant to give an overview of different cultures and possible beliefs within the cultures. However, it is important not to stereotype or make assumptions about a person based on his or her culture. Each group has selected a culture to explore. As a group, you will give a brief, 20-minute presentation of your findings. As with all group projects, each member is expected to participate in the preparation and presentation.


Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

CO #1 Discuss the professional nurse’s role in health promotion activities. (PO #1 & 2)

CO #3 Discuss health promotion, illness prevention, health maintenance, health restoration, and rehabilitation in relation to the nurse’s role in working with various populations. (PO #1 & 2)

CO #5 Identify effective communication with clients and other health care providers. (PO #3)

CO #7 Identify health promotion strategies throughout the life span. (PO #1 & 2)


Due Date

In-class presentations will be scheduled during class time. See the Course Calendar for due dates. You will submit your reference page to the instructor at the start of your presentation.


Points Possible: 30 points


  1. As a group, choose a culture of interest to research. You will draw a part of the world map from a hat. Your group may choose any ethnic group or culture from the geographic area you select.
  2. Review your choice with your instructor to assure the choice is feasible for this assignment.
  3. Research the approved culture using books, websites, journal articles, or any other reputable source.

Use at least three (3) reliable sources.

  1. Prepare a brief presentation that includes the following information.
  2. Health beliefs and practices
  3. Birth and death practices
  4. Dietary considerations, your group may choose to bring in inexpensive snacks or beverages from this culture. Regular campus guidelines apply: no alcohol or intoxicating substances allowed.
  5. Communication practices
  6. Rituals/traditions/family structure
  7. Consider the nurse’s role in caring for people of this culture
  8. Consider what issues the patient or family might encounter in our health system because of their beliefs. How can your health promotion topic best be communicated to this group? What changes or adaptations might you have to consider?


  1. As a group, present the information to the class in a brief, 15-20minute presentation. Use at least one additional method of instruction to complement the lecture (examples: PowerPoint, handouts, skits, video).
  2. Include introduction and conclusion.
  3. Cite three (3) references for all sources in APA format on a reference page to be turned in at the start of the presentation.
Directions and Grading Criteria Category Points % Description
Content 20 10% Content must include the following.

a. Health beliefs and practices

b. Birth and death practices

c. Dietary considerations

d. Communication practices

e. Rituals/traditions

f. Consider the nurse’s role in caring for people of this culture

g. Consider what issues the patient or family might encounter in our health system because of their beliefs

Prepare a one-page bulleted summary for nurses working with this population. 10 8%  
Presentation 10 5% • It is organized around required components; information flows in a logical sequence that is easy for the audience to follow. Introduction and conclusion included.

• Participation is by all group members.

• Presenters are professional, project voices, and maintain eye contact.

• Used presentation materials and methods effectively.

• It stayed within allotted 15-20 time frame.

Quality of Resource Information 5 5% • Used at least five different professional references with at least two from primary sources.
APA format 5 2% • All information taken from another source must be included on a Reference page using APA format (APA 6th ed.).
Total 200 100% A quality presentation will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

This project should be interesting and fun! Enjoy yourselves and be creative! Be sure to clarify any issues or questions with your instructor before proceeding. Remember: you are combining your new knowledge of this ethnic or cultural group with your knowledge of an issue from Healthy People 2020!

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