gigapet javascript

Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Use the instructions provided to edit the code and make it work. the project is provided in a zip file.

 Create a pet_info object with keys “name”, “weight”, “happiness” and set initial values.
Set this equal to variable “pet_info”
 Add behavior to buttons When your pet receives a treat, add to its happiness and
weight. When your pet exercises, reduce it’s happiness and weight. When your pet
plays, add to its happiness and reduce its weight
 Fix key bug to make sure keys can’t go below zero (can use conditional)
 Add a new action button
 Add a new behavior that correlates with the new button you added. You can add it below
the happiness text in the html
 Add a notification after each button press with a comment from your pet.

 Add animations and/or sound effects to your pet when certain conditions occur.
 Use object constructors to create multiple pets.
 Refactor code to not use JQuery

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