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Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology project and need guidance to help me learn.

Imagine that you are a leader in a large organization that has received multiple complaints of discrimination. You are not a subject matter expert in this area so you decide to conduct a literature search on the topic of workplace discrimination.

Go to the CTU library home page and type “workplace discrimination” into the search bar. Click “go” and under “source type”, click “Journal Article”. Use this template to complete the following for your individual project (note: remove all red text before submitting this assignment):

  1. Select Your Articles:
    • Select at least 3 peer-reviewed articles on the topic of workplace discrimination. (Remember that peer-review means the article has been reviewed by others who are experts in the same field to very that the work is credible and high quality)
    • Copy the article’s citation by clicking on the title of the article or the “full text online” link to bring up a full text version of the article
    • Click the “cite” icon and copy the APA version of the citation provided in the popup box
    • Paste the citation in the assignment template provided.
  2. Summarize the Content
    • Summarize the content of each article including the topic the researchers studied, the methodology and the conclusion.
  3. Summarize the Conclusions
    • Based on what you have found in these articles about workplace discrimination, describe what these studies tell us about the issue overall. You should create a summary of the conclusions of the three articles.
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