Computer Crime and Digital Evidence : I just need you to edit my answer

Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science question and need support to help me learn.

I will provide you with my complete answer to the assignment attached. I need you to edit my answer according to the feedback in the attached image and the ones mentioned bellow:

1. Contemporaneous notes:

a. Some information in the contemporaneous notes are not provided e.g (You mentioned software used Encase whereas mainly provided. Autopsy was used for examination)

b. The Contemporaneous notes section needs improvements

c. All tasks have briefly described no screenshots are provided (add screenshots and tasks description)

d. Most of the task does not show complete steps, which can make it difficult for other examiners to repeat your examination.

e. Only a brief description is provided against each task/action but no steps are provided against.

f. The summary of the facts of the case is incorrect. You submitted something totally irrelevant material.


2. Timeline Significant Events

a. The timeline should include system activities e.g., First access, last access etc.

b. Some of the events listed are not very relevant.

c. Analyze and check if the timestamps are correct and not tempered.

d. The timeline should be graphical to make it more readable and understandable.


3. Opinion statement:

a. You provided an independent opinion, but you did not refer to the UK and local laws (Refer to the relevant law articles and similar cases and include all references)


4. Analysis Report

a. edit according to the previously provided noted in other sections

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