SAS sscripting

Learning Goal: I’m working on a scriptwriting test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

You are working with the federal government. Your project manager asks you to write a script that counts failed banks by each state. You will then present the list in the sorted format (descending order).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the bank names have commas. Since the comma is the delimiter it will give you an error and does not read in your data correctly UNLESS you use the DSD option at the end of the INFILE statement, see the example below:

infile ‘/home/u39156544/Examples/Week5/banklist.csv’ Delimiter=’,’ Firstobs=2 DSD;

If you copy this line into your code, be sure to change your path to the location of the banklist.csv file in your SAS account.

Please refer to bank list file to complete this assignment

You need to create a SAS script that should produce the following output:

Count the number of the failed banks by state. There is not field that specifies a failed bank. If a bank fails it closes, so if there is a close date it is a failed bank.

Display output in descending order.

Follow all the best practices for the script development process

In a word doc, put the code in text form, screenshots of outputs and process.

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