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Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice report and need support to help me learn.

Assignment: Final Project

For your final project, we will take a closer look at domestic violence (DV)/intimate partner violence (IPV) through different types of lenses. As we know, DV/IPV impacts people in many facets and many attempts have been made at the federal, state, and local levels to combat DV/IPV. The purpose of this project is to examine some of those lenses by taking a deeper dive into laws/policies about DV/IPV, victim service programs in Nebraska that serve DV/IPV victims/survivors, and/or a marginalized or specialized population that is impacted by DV/IPV. I have listed three options to choose from, but you only need to choose one to write/present about. Students will have the option to write a paper about the topic they are choosing, or you can choose to create a PowerPoint presentation using VidGrid and present your topic.

Option 1: Pick a domestic violence policy/law (either federal or state) and conduct a policy analysis about it (e.g., VAWA, FVPSA, NE DV law).

Option 2: Pick a domestic violence program in Nebraska and discuss it.

Option 3: Pick a marginalized or specialized population impacted by domestic violence and write a paper or create a presentation about it.

Paper Format: The paper will be no less than 5 pages of writing and include a reference page (6 pages minimum total), but no more than 10 pages. The format of the paper must be 12-point New Times Roman font, double-spaced, one-inch margins, and have very minimal grammatical errors. The use of direct quotations (i.e., citing an author word-for-word) should be limited to one per page. Students should focus on paraphrasing the authors words and remember to cite your sources. First person (I. Me, in my opinion, etc.) is NOT an acceptable writing style for this paper.

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