Cross-Management Portfolio

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Part A: Company culture

1. Critically discuss in detail the following areas of your chosen company; management approaches, leadership style, organizational culture and employee motivation of your chosen company.


You should use the theories discussed in class and apply them using evidence of company practices from the company research you have conducted.

The company must be the same as the one used in you group task.

Part B: reflection on teamwork dynamics

  • Conflicts and cultural differences among your team members. How did you overcome these?
  • Your leadership experience of your team throughout the term and its effectiveness.
  • Belbin roles you observed in your team members.
  • Your areas of strengths as a team worker and areas that need development in the future.

You should answer part B by utilizing the dynamic of how you worked with your group in constructing the poster for the formative assignment or, from a similar or equivalent previous experience(s).


Please support your arguments with the relevant theories and literature. Please read the instructions thoroughly and ensure each requirement is followed. The brief is attached, along with marketing criteria and an example. Plagiarism of more than 10% isn’t acceptable.

Good Luck

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