Communication group

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

This assessment, you’ll be writing an essay of 1,500 words =.

Consider a group project you have worked on, or a team you have been part of, in your professional, academic, or personal life (such as a social group, a volunteer position, or a sports team, etc.). This should be a substantive project with significant challenges and interaction, as opposed to a project that took a limited amount of time or effort. This will most likely be a group that experienced some level of tension and conflict, though if you were part of a group that operated fluidly and easily, you may examine the roles in depth and discuss why the group was so successful.

Describe the assignment, the members of the group and the roles they assumed or were given based upon their participation. This will be a short summary, please, Then analyze the group dynamics and whether you were able to reach consensus at the end of the discussion.

Did any one tool or technique for understanding group dynamics help in your discussion? What role did you assume in this group? What roles did others assume? Did your role help in creating a strong group dynamic or detract from a successful group dynamic? Which role do you think was the most impactful in that group setting? What was the biggest obstacle to reaching consensus? Was it a substantive obstacle or was it personality driven? (Again, don’t use these questions to frame your essay; they’re merely to spur your thinking.)

With regard to conflict resolution, explain whether your group reached consensus on the issue at hand. Did you use conflict resolution or negotiation techniques without realizing it? What techniques from Module 12 might have been helpful in your group? Who was the person who was most helpful in resolving conflict? Who was least helpful? Please explain your thoughts on conflict resolution or negotiation techniques you could have used – or should have used – to move the group toward consensus.

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