I need hlep in psy 2 parts

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please review the tutorial on regression prior to attempting this assignment.

As always, this is fictional data:

As part of a safe sex iniative through the university health clinic, they want you to run a linear regression so that they can predict how many sex partners new students will likely have during their first year of college. Specifically, they want to be able to predict how many partners a person will have based on their attitudes toward sexual promiscuity. The data you have are from a sample of 25 first year students from last year. In the data file, “Attitudes About Promiscuity” is a score on a survey that measured how positively or negatively each student viewed sexual promiscuity. The lowest possible score was 0 and the highest possible score was 100. The higher the score, the more postively they viewed sexual promiscuity. “Number of Partners” was the number of sexual partners each of those students had during their first year of college. For these regression data, determine how well people’s attitudes about promiscuity predicts the number of sexual partners they have had.

Remember that the regression line formula is Y’=bX+a

1. What is the value of a?
2. What is the value of b?
3. If a person had an attitude score score of 36, how many partners do you predict they would have (write out the formula you used to get your answer too)?
4. Create a scatterplot with a regression line on it.

Turn in SPSS output and answers as a PDF or Word document.


  • SPSS regresssion Assignment.sav
  • part 2
  • Chi Square
  • The attached data are from a study conducted at the counseling center at Middle Texas State University (MTSU). At MTSU, half of the students are men and half are women. The counseling center wants to determine if the same proportions of men and women students come for counseling at the counseling center. They predict that more women than men come. They collected data on the sex of clients who came for appointments during the first month of the semester. In the data file, a 1 represents men and 2 represents women.1. What was the observed chi square value?2. What was the p value for the analysis?3. Should you reject the null hypothesis?4. Explain the results of the study in a way that a non-statistician would understand.Turn in SPSS output and answers as a PDF or Word document.


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