i need help in psy 2 parts

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Gender, Work, and Family –

View the following video and listen to the listen to The Impossible Juggling Act (Links to an external site.):

Discussion Prompts: As discussed within our class material and readings, a pay equity gap exists and various employees, commonly women, are disproportionately affected. In your own opinion, why is it important to correct pay equity gaps? Discussion your opinion of obligation paternity leave. Do you agree that women can’t have it all? What about men? Is work-life balance a men’s issue too?

part 2

The purpose of the journal assignment is to apply the finding you learn about in this course to real life examples in your daily environment or in the media.

Your journal entries will be a forum to record observations and experiences related to course content (e.g. advertisements or television programming related to course themes; social media content; news stories or popular press articles important to women).

You will be expected to complete 10 journal entries (suggested: write 2-3 per week). Each should be between 250500 words. Each journal entry should start on a new page and be doubled-spaced. Make sure to include a reference to any show, article, or social media posting that you address. Journal entries should be well-written, show evidence of deep thought/reflection, and free of grammar/punctuation errors. All journal entries will be submitted in one document.

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