Assugnment 2 case study and mini project

Learning Goal: I’m working on a statistics presentation and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Statistics for Health Services Management Final Presentation

Your project will be a simulated case study where you will be the “researcher” and provide the presentation of your study and your findings.

1. State a research question of interest. This might be something that has come up at work or just something that you think might be interesting to read about and research.

2. Consider how you will research the question and give special consideration to the types of data you will need to answer your question.

3. Make up data that are consistent with the statistical approach you would like to take. You can create data for between 30 – 40 observations, which would be good for most of our tests.

4. Provide a short review of other research in the field that is related to the question you posed. (We call this a literature review.) –background on your topic.

5. Explain you research plan – sampling, design (remember, we know you made up data – but what would you actually do to collect the data you would need?)

6. Run the statistical test and write up the results.

7. Discuss and interpret what you found — be sure to connect it back to your research question. (limitations, next steps)

You can choose to submit a PPT or written paper for your Poster Presentation.

  • PowerPoints are usually more than 7 slides and must include a title slide, introduction slide, literature review slides, sample information, methods, results and discussion. Include the 7 items above.
  • Written papers should be between 5 and 8 pages and will include the 7 items above.
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