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Personal Administrative Project Assignmentinstructions

Choose an area of university/college administration that you have an interest in pursuing professionally or understanding at a deeper level and, develop a personal plan of action or a summary report of how the chosen area of administration functions. You will do this by conducting personal interviewswith employees in or related to the area of interest. Your personal plan of action must include, but is not limited to, identifying specific knowledge, skills, education necessary for effective leadership in this position (cite sources), and evaluating what you need in order to personally possess this knowledge, skill, education. You must also identify a specific position you are studying at a deeper level.

Summarize the key responsibilities of this position includingspecific challenges, pitfalls, and issues this position must deal with.

Develop a 2–5-page paper in current APA format. A minimum of 5 sources are required that are 10 years old or fewer. Be sure to include a title page, abstract, and reference page.

of author’s position (1–2 paragraphs);

• Analysis of author’s premise and the extent to which it is backed up ( –2 paragraphs); and

• Response that specifically addresses your agreement/disagreement with author, and why (1–2 paragraphs).

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