Measure the thickness of the peritoneal membrane by Optical coherence tomography

Learning Goal: I’m working on a physics report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

you have done the introduction part. i just need u to complete the report, I have the data collected and method need to be paraphrased from the files you can use pictures and information from the files.

you will use the same introduction from the file answer-6 and references if u need (u need to explain the 3 layers of the peritoneal membrane) , also in the method section you need to explain the OCT machine and the telescope used in the experiment ( the name of them and the wave length and some info about them and the lens used and how it works) and how many mice used in the experiment (use the picture in the slide of the sample and the info about it (how many, gender, age , and weight) , for the result part you will use the table and make a calculation for the avg thickness and Draw the relation between weight and the thickness of peritoneal membrane and explain a relation in the discussion part and insert the draw from excel and the 3 pictures from the last slide

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