Business Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

This week, you will –

1) submit a draft outline, which will be the the basis for writing and formatting your final paper. No cover page needed at this time.

Outline sections include 

    • Introduction (no sub-heading is needed for the introduction)
    • Theme One
    • Theme Two
    • Findings:
    • Gaps in Research
    • Organizational Implications
    • Conclusions
    • References

2) include notes within your outline for your final four research articles

3) include notes within your outline connecting relevant chapters in the textbook

Your articles and the textbook must be listed in APA format. There is no rubric for this assignment. If you submit an outline following instructions you will receive 100 points. If you don’t, the following scale will be applied –

  • Follows instructions 100 pts.
  • Somewhat follows instructions 75 pts.
  • Submitted but doesn’t full instructions 50 pts.
  • Nothing submitted 0 pts


Proposed Title: The Dynamics of Competition within a Team

Mainstream Reference:

Steinhage, A., Cable, D., & Wardley, D. (2017, March 20). The Pros and Cons of Competition Among Employees. Harvard Business Review.


Peer-Reviewed Reference:

DiNapoli, J. (2018). Leveraging collaborative competition in mathematics classrooms. Australian Mathematics Teacher, 74(2), 10–17.

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