RES-815 Topic 8 Discussion Question Response

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please respond to the following response with a peer reviewed citation and reference in no less than 150 words.

As I develop into an independent researcher, it will require adjustment and a shift in mindset. Every person has a unique perspective based on upbringing, culture, community, life experiences, etc. My dissertation will be on a topic that is a personal interest of mine. While my supervisor will be there to provide feedback, it may not be a topic of interest in the supervisor’s area of research. Due to this the dissertation process can be isolating and will challenge my own limits (Skakni, 2018). Even though the topic I chose will be through my perspective I will need to seek feedback and work productively with my committee. This is important to gain other perspectives that may differ from my own. Being receptive to their feedback and applying the necessary revision will only make my research stronger. Having the input of other scholars in the field will help prevent biases. It will also help to hear their approach based on their experience as they have been through the dissertation process.

Skakni, I. (2018). Doctoral studies as an initiatory trial: Expected and taken-for-granted practices that impede PhD students’ progress. Teaching in Higher Education23(8), 927–944.

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