Programming Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a programming project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

My program is a bullying prevention program that will be taken place in middle schools for children, parents, and faculty members to take action and be aware and to decrease the amount of bullying that occurs in the low SES neighborhood schools.

After reading Chapters 12 and 13, draft a budget for the program you are proposing for this course.

The paper should contain a table that presents the “high level” budget with these categories:

Income / Revenue


Insurance – third-party payments


Fees paid by clients


Salaries and wages






1. The draft paper should include some reference to the literature in describing aspects of budgeting for programs and interventions.

2. The draft paper should include a description of which major approach to budgeting, or major model, the proposed budget entails. (see Chapter 12).

3. The draft paper should discuss the sociopolitical context of the budget, and some of the known or expected technical challenges in creating or using the budget.

4. The draft paper should discuss specific ways to evaluate or monitor the budget once the program is active.

5. The description of the budget should also include explicit consideration of how intersecting marginalized identities and communities are reflected in the budgeting process (are there personnel considerations, resource considerations, outreach considerations, to address the needs of different groups within your intended service population?).

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