Communication 218

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

  1. How can the definition of a romantic relationship be applied to explain the kind of romance that emerges through online dating services such as eHarmony or
  2. Some families encounter the challenge of parental favoritism. What are some examples of favoritism? Have you experienced favoritism in your family or observed it in the family of someone you know? How might favoritism effect children? What measures can be taken to deal with family favoritism?
  3. Responding to Bids for ConnectionBelow are three practice situations of people making bids for connection to another person. Choose one. For the situation you chose, you should first write down a turning toward response. You should then develop a turning away response. Finally, you should describe a turning against response. Write down what you would have the people say in their responses in quotes. If you want them to perform an action, put that in brackets. Feel free to be creative and make up some details as long as everything makes sense. Let me clarify one thing. Most of what you will likely write will be the words you have the people say. Actually write those words down, like you are creating a script for a play. So, you should NOT write, “John talked about the weather.” Instead, you should write something like this: John said, “It started raining while I was walking to class, and I got soaked!”Here are the three situations: 1. Judy’s colleague at work, Pam, comes to Judy, overjoyed, and says to Judy, “Guess what? I just got promoted to vice president of marketing for the whole company!” Judy knows that means that Pam just skipped three steps in the company hierarchy and tripled her salary. Judy responds : 2. After the term is over, Enrique looks up his grades online. They’re a lot better than previous terms, but are still not great. Enrique shows his grades to one of his parents and says “I really tried hard to get my grades up this quarter.” Enrique’s parent responds: 3. Pat, who has been out of work for the past several months, says: “I feel like such a failure. I just can’t seem to find a job. I’ve been applying everywhere for the last three months and still nothing.” Pat’s friend responds:
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