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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Please read and respond (in 300 words) to one of the Group A posts. Please discuss (following the above lecture) how similar or different Segal’s strategies are with respect to her paper’s introduction? How do you evaluate different elements in her introduction? How did she follow those arguments in the body paragraphs? How did he define her key concepts? How was his thesis? And how similar or different each of these elements might be compared to Shragge’s article analyzed by Group A students?

here is Group A students post….

An introduction is a crucial part of any paper as it gives a detailed background to the topic of the paper. A brief and focused introduction provides solid information and encourages the readers to continue on to the main parts of the paper. Therefore, Segal uses the introduction part to effectively introduce her topic and aims. Equally important, she uses it to give an overview of the paper. Moreover, she directs her subjects to efficiently organize her main ideas on empathy by stating what they would be about. In the evaluation of the elements in her introduction, Segal touches on every aspect of the introduction as follows.

First, she uses an opening hook that catches the reader’s attention. The opening hook, therefore, makes the reader be more interested in reading the whole paper to get detailed information about the topic. Secondly, she gives relevant background information that the reader needs to know more about while reading through the paper. Thirdly, she brings up relevant examples of the main ideas that give the readers a better mental image of the topic. Having internalized the topic in mind, the reader can easily understand the point being made. Lastly, she gives an expository thesis which introduces a pattern of development for the readers to follow her paper. These elements are similar as compared to Group A students’ analysis of Segal’s work as they considered all the elements.

In her thesis, she states how she will briefly describe the subject of the relationship between interpersonal empathy and social empathy in the community. As she states in the thesis, she effectively, efficiently, argumentative, and concisely explains her subject in the main body. In her main body, Segal uses multiple paragraphs to provide a framework for organizing her ideas on empathy in a logical order. Additionally, the clear structure of the paragraphs guides the reader throughout the paper. She followed her arguments in the paragraphs by deeply explaining her ideas using scenarios and examples to strengthen her points, thus enhancing the fluency of the paper. She defines the key concepts in her work by considering the context, background information, sense of scale and range as well as the importance of the key concept within the subject.

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