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Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

I need help with a discussion responds. Here is the scenario

  • Consider the following scenario: Dr. Roth is an Orthopedic surgeon with ten years of experience at your hospital. He consistently maintains a high-volume case load, generates significant revenue, and is respected by his fellow surgeons. Over the past year, you have received numerous complaints from patients and support staff regarding his perception of the hospital’s culture, and the demographics of patients he cares for. One-on-one counseling has been conducted with Dr. Roth, as well as multiple written warnings to amend his behavior with patients and support staff. Dr. Roth is resistant to change, and continues to spread negativity among his colleagues and patients, to the point of damaging the hospital’s image.
  • I need help with this responds from a class mate, does not need to be long. Just like 100 word responds. Here is the responds I need help with- “One challenge in removing or terminating Dr. Roth is the amount of revenue he brings into the hospital. That revenue can be the reason why the hospital is able to provide the services it offers to the community.Another challenge is the high-volume case load. If Dr. Roth is removed, is there another or several surgeons that can take over his load. The hospital does not want to lose the volume that it has.If the hospital is trying to practice more cultural competency, “set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency or among professionals and enable that system, agency or those professions to work effectively in cross-cultural situations” (Mandtke, e.t., 2019) then Dr. Roth is contradicting this method. Hospitals need employees who do not have complaints about the demographics of patients and is able to work with other harmoniously. As more immigrants move to out country and reside in our community, we will lose community trust with a surgeon who is blatantly refusing to adapt to the changes within the healthcare system. Patients feel more comfortable knowing the nurse, doctor, and especially surgeon, understands their concerns and takes them into full consideration when providing care.
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