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Project -Landing Gear Upgrade

Create WBS Schedule page, enter data from your Project Proposal.

Print the reports by navigating to: [REPORT>Dashboards>Project Overview] as PDF

Draft an e-mail message as a Word document addressed to the project team. Your message should provide a high-level overview of key elements of your selected project topic: objectives, cost, duration, success measurements, and so forth. It will accompany the two reports: Project Overview and Work Overview Reports.

Create the Project Scope Statement following the guidelines found in the PMBOK® Guide in Section 5 Project Scope Management

Using your Project Scope Statement, input your work packages into MS Project. 1.The WBS should be created in MS Project following standard indent and hanging indent practices used in WBS creation. The WBS and schedule must have proper grouping, indenting, and coding for approximately 25 to 40 line items.

Baseline Resource Plan:

  1. Load resources and produce a baseline resource plan.
  2. Review resources and Gantt chart.
  3. Produce and print both reports as .pdf documents.

§Overallocated Resources

§Resource Overview Report

Complete a Cost Overview Reportgo to [REPORT>Dashboards (click on the dropdown arrow)>Cost Overview].Overallocated Resource, Resource Overview reports, and the Cost Overview Report:

2.Submit the Cost Overview Report as a .pdf document to the Dropbox using the proper filename convention.

3.Discuss how you balance the scope and budget, as the requirements you initially gathered will no doubt exceed your budget, and new priorities will have to be set (maximum of two paragraphs).

1.Complete your Network Diagram. Go to [TASK >Gantt Chart (click on the dropdown arrow)>Network Diagram] to determine if your project is logically sequenced and to ensure that you have captured your dependencies by linking the appropriate tasks.

Create a network diagram that captures the logical relationships, including dependencies.

1.Complete a Gantt chart depicting the critical path for the project.

2.Save this as a .pdf document, showing the critical tasks; go to [View>Gantt Chart>Format and then Filter, and select critical tasks]. See below.

In a narrative (at least two paragraphs), discuss how you balance scope and budget. As the requirements you initially gathered will no doubt exceed your budget, new priorities will have to be set. If your resources do not exceed your budget, then discuss what you did when developing your project plan to ensure this result.

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