English Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Part One: Due 7/21/22

Watch Chris Jarvis TED Talk on Employee Volunteerism Programs.

  • Part I: Analyze the TED Talk, using the Communication Context Worksheet. You will attach this worksheet to your Discussion post.

    Note: Using the transcript will be helpful in performing your analysis.

Post at least 2 paragraphs responding to the following.

  • Part II: Detail the appeal(s)—logospathosethos—that Jarvis uses to persuade his audience to create employee volunteerism programs in their workplaces. Did you find his appeals successful? Why or why not?
  • Attach your completed Communications Context worksheet to your post.

Part Two: Due 7/23/22

Think about your past, current, or ideal workplace.

**I’ve always worked on the administration side of Healthcare**

Now, imagine that you’ve just attended Chris Jarvis’s TED Talk and are inspired to start a transformative volunteering opportunity for employees at the workplace of which you are thinking. With this goal in mind, use the tenets of effective writing to draft three paragraphs. These 3 paragraphs should detail what volunteering project you would like employees to engage in and how this opportunity could contribute to an improved, more inclusive and equitable workplace.

  • Paragraph 1: Describe your past, current, or ideal workplace, detailing the profession or field, the kind of work that is done in the workplace, and employee roles and responsibilities.
  • Paragraph 2: Describe the volunteering project you’d like employees to engage in and how this opportunity could contribute to an improved, more inclusive workplace culture.
    • Remember to think through Jarvis’s suggestion that volunteers must be alert, orient, and act to create transformative psychological, convictional, and behavioral changes.
  • Paragraph 3: Detail what appeals (logospathosethos, and/or kairos) you might use to persuade employees, coworkers, and leadership that this volunteering project is worthwhile.
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