Module Multimodal Project

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Assignment 1 Instructions

Research a government official (other than a police officer) who has been charged with ethics violations. We hear a lot of media about police officers, but I want you to look at ethic violations in other areas in criminal justice. You are all in criminal justice because something intrigued you about it. Find something that appeals to your sense of injustice in the system and take a good look at it. This could be a politician accused of taking bribes, an appointee by the president, judge, etc. You may also use an unethical violation during a trial. It could be misconduct by a judge, prosecutor, or defense attorney. (Example: There have been accusations of defense attorneys falling asleep during a capital murder trial where their client faces the death sentence.) These fit the situations of what would you do?

It must be recent, within the last 7 years. Outline the charges or ethical dilemma that existed and explain the issues in terms of the ethics associated with the Criminal Justice system. FULLY discuss the implications and the outcome of the situation if it is resolved. Make sure you choose an official that has had enough reports and enough research information to produce a quality paper.

This is to be a research paper reporting on the information you have found as well as an exercise for you to analyze issues you have identified in criminal justice. Be objective while developing options to address the issues. Use text concepts to explain your decision and what ethical system influenced your decision. You can do this. Find a case that interests you.

This is a fun project that gives you the opportunity to select an issue you find in the criminal justice system and work out what your solution would be for the facts surrounding the facts.

Base your paper making sure to address the following areas:

1. Identify the dilemma and relevant events;

2. Describe who may be impacted by the dilemma or should be considered in the decision making;

3. Identify all of the options/choices that are possible to address this dilemma (note that not all these choices have to be realistic or good —part of this exercise is thinking through all of the possible ways to solve a problem. I am not grading you on if it is the right choice;

4. Describe the consequences of each choice/option, including how these carious choices affect other people impacted by the decision;

5. Identify the decision you would make; and

6. Justify your decision

A large part of your grade is identifying these six areas of your paper.

This research paper has a minimum acceptable requirement of 6 full research content pages. That is not including the cover sheet or the reference page. It must be 6 FULL pages according to the instructions on “written papers” described in the Syllabus. Remember, SIX pages is minimum and would be an average paper. (Average is “C”). Anything under 6 pages starts you with a D and goes down accordingly.

When you have completed your Assignment 1 you may submit it online under the ASSIGNMENT tab. Produce it as a WORD document and attach it to the Assignment 1 section of BLACKBOARD.

Please review the writing requirements in the Syllabus for written assignments.

DO NOT SEND IT TO ME IN AN EMAIL. It will not be accepted, and you will not receive credit.

Remember, more is better!

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