2 Easy Education Questions

Learning Goal: I’m working on a education & teaching question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


1.6 Reading/Discussion: #3

“Deconstructing Multiculturalism in

This is a really big read! Just look at the last sentence of the second paragraph: “Children’s literature is a product of culture as well as evidence of power relations; it is a social transcript of the power relations of class, race, and gender.” Take time to soak up important points in this article and pull out theories from it that totally resonated with you! Then respond to two classmates. This piece has so many concepts in it – don’t get overwhelmed – just Zen your way through it for now. We will get back to it!

For full points:

  1. Find three theories that resonated with you in the article.
  2. Write at least five sentences each for theory.
  3. Comment on two classmates’s responses, writing a minimum of three sentences to each student.

theory: a carefully thought-out explanation

resonate: produces an emotional effect on someone

Zen: casual definition of Zen, slang for feeling peaceful and relaxed




1.5 Chat: #2 “The Metaphors We Read

By: Theoretical Foundations”

This is another jam-packed article! I only expect you to read parts of this piece. I am going by the EDUC 121 Reader’s page number here – not by the article numbering (as there really is none).

Please read:

Page 7: first three paragraphs

Page 11: first whole paragraph, upper left, starts with: Furthermore, we argue that reading… to the end of the article.

I think this article is underscoring the importance of multicultural children’s literature and emphasizing that we need to be careful about what we reflect in these stories, picture books, writings, etc., because big things are conveyed through literature and kids really get that. They get the good and the bad. They perceive the power of representation and sense the oppression when it is lacking. “Children can understand and grapple with the painful realities of anti-social behavior and thought” (Botelho & Rudman, 2009, p. 9). We can help children look critically at books and and use these stories to connect with “issues of social change and justice” (Both & Rudman, 2009, p. 9). Botelho and Rudman (2009) write at the end of this piece that “many adults are concerned that critical analysis will ‘break the magic’ or ‘ruin’ the story, getting in the way of children enjoying the aesthetic experience of books” (p. 9). What’s your opinion here? Back it up soundly, no wrong answers here! Then comment on another classmate’s response (respectfully).

soundly: in a way that is based on valid reason or good judgment

For full points:

  1. Read the assigned passages (maybe a couple of times to really get it).
  2. Express your opinion by answering the underlined statement above. Write a minimum of five sentences.
  3. Respond to a classmate with a minimum of three sentences.

I will give 5 stars ⭐️

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