Nur diversity in adv. health practice

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Haitian’s View of Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a phenomenon that is characterized by entirely sexual attractions to individuals of the same sex. Although several studies have attempted to better understand the phenomenon, many of today’s cultures still consider it pathological (Purnell et al., 2018). Similarly, an extended history featured controversies and debates about sexual orientations still exists until this day in the field of mental health. Differences in perception of the phenomenon have been witnessed even in clinical settings, with healthcare providers managing it as a mental disorder, whereas psychological organizations consider it a social illness. Recent literature suggests that biology plays a role in sexual orientation, with physiology influencing sexual behavior.

Since the world is dynamic, homosexuality acceptance seems to grow in many countries. Different perceptions exist between regions, societal groups, individuals, and countries towards the phenomenon. Political and critical legal changes have been structured to favor Homosexuality in different countries. For instance, policies in Haiti have legalized Homosexuality (Chaux et al., 2021) despite the negative perception borne by the public. Public demonstrations have revealed disapproval of Homosexuality in the state. The protestant and catholic churches have continued to protest against Homosexuality as they play a firm cultural role in Haiti. In addition, the religious leaders publically ridicule Homosexuality as they render it immoral.

Moreover, the laws enacted by the senate in Haiti remain unimplemented, indicating the widespread opposition to homosexuals. The public further discriminates and harasses homosexuals as a punitive strategy. Homosexuals are socially isolated and rejected as a corrective measure by the Haitian people.

Ronald’s Parents Reaction

Since Ronald’s parents profess religion, the realization of their son’s diagnosis could make them disapprove or disown the code and character they brought him up with. Resentment can strike them as they consider the situation intolerable. At an extreme state, either of them can develop psychological disorders like PTSD due to the exposure to such life stressors in their old age. Following their renowned religious prowess in their state could be such an enormous blow to their social life. That can be triggered by the fact that the church is on par to establish the cause of such a vice despite the son being brought up in a Christianity background (Purnell et al., 2018). Conversely, the church could have a question regarding a same-sex relationship.

Three Major Culturally Congruent Strategies

Several strategies that can be put in place to prevent HIV transmission include barrier methods, Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART), and a counseling model. Barrier methods, which include condom use, can effectively prevent the spread of HIV among Haitian youths as they represent the subgroup with the highest HIV prevalence (Budhwani et al., 2020). They are most effective as they offer dual protection with correct use. The BART strategy can also be implemented. It’s an HIV reduction modality which cognitive behavioral-based. It provides more information on HIV, its risky behaviors, and the impacts of the disease. The healthcare worker can enlighten the youths on rejection strategies and how to build effective communications with prospective sexual associates. The programs may be implemented in session and culminate with evaluations for adherence. Healthcare workers can get involved in counseling sessions which have of late become a comprehensive strategy in HIV prevention. Counseling services can be directed to teens with an early sexual debut, the epic of faithfulness in marriages among adults in compliance with ARVs and contact tracing to prevent the spread and infection of new individuals.

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