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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

It is time to start making your Research Paper ideas more concrete! This is a two part assignment. Please remember that the Research Paper is focused on Noble and McNamee. Therefore, the work here has to reflect that, as well. After reading both Dr. Noble’s Algorithms of Oppression and Roger McNamee’s Zucked, your task is to select one issue/idea raised by the two texts and research it further.

1) Research Question: 10 Points

Please compose a question that, when answered, will help you develop a proper thesis and argument for your Research Paper.

For example: In which ways do both Noble and McNamee reflect the corruption of credible data and information?

Don’t ask yes/no questions. Make sure to ask a question that will lead you to strong analysis and have a focus. None of this is set in stone. You can change the content in the future, as you see fit. (*Yes, you are literally just writing down a question!)

2) Prospectus: 40 Points

A prospectus is a formulation of your initial thinking for your essay topic. This assignment gets you to narrow your project focus by articulating what you’ll try to cover as you analyze the content for your research Paper. You can discuss what you need to research and why your topic focus is worth pursuing. You’ll need to develop a topic that is narrow, focused, worth exploration, interesting to you, and driven by your genuine curiosity and critical thinking.

As you discuss your proposed topic, include as much detail as you can, at this juncture. Essentially, this is your pitch to your “editor.” You’ll need to describe the focus of the projectwhy your readers will be interested in it, and how you plan to conduct the research.

Therefore, please include:

  • How will you focus your research? What are the ideas/topics on which you will focus?
  • Why would readers be interested in this topic? What is at stake in exploring this idea/focus? What is the intended outcome for this argument?
  • How do you plan to conduct the research? What kinds of sources do you think you might look for as your project begins?

Assignment Requirements:

  • Your prospectus should be a minimum of 250 words. Please include the word count at the end of your proposal, and remember that your heading and title don’t count in the work count.
  • Proofread and edit your prospectus carefully before turning it in. To make this a polished, well-written proposal, be sure to check your overall clarity, adherence to the assignment guidelines, grammar/punctuation/sentences.
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