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Gender refers to the socially constructed definitions of what it means to be female, male, or nonbinary, in a given culture. A relatively new trend is “the gender reveal” party. For this assignment, you will discuss various issues related to gender reveal ceremonies.

Objective: To demonstrate a thorough understanding of how gender can begin to be socially constructed even before a child is born.

Imagine now, a family and their friends are sitting around a backyard fire pit, and a debate is raging about whether to hold a “gender reveal ceremony.” (All have been vaccinated against COVID-19.)

  1. Describe the various forms that “gender reveals” are now taking. (Use APA 7th edition to cite your sources.)
  2. Describe the presumed gender(s) of the “hypothetical” parents and the circumstances of the upcoming birth. (e.g., Unplanned? Planned? Assisted due to fertility issues? Surrogate? Adoption?) Are these circumstances influencing the conversation?
  3. What might they argue are the PROs to hold a “gender reveal?”
  4. What might they argue are the NEGATIVES to hold a “gender reveal?”
  5. What is your view of this? Is your view influenced by your generation (i.e. age, culture, religion, or family traditions?)
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