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The issue of abortion is one of the major topics that is surrounded by controversy that has contributed to the formation of two groups the conservative who opposes abortion and the liberal that support the presentation that mothers should have the freedom to decide for themself if they are to keep the pregnancy or terminate it. The conservative argument of anti-abortion is based on the argument that abortion is considered to be wrong since it destroys and interferes with the uterus. The conservative perceives the uterus to be fully human as soon after conception. Therefore, it can be assumed that the human fetus can be considered human. Thus, making their innocence to be considered to be beyond dispute. This means that there is no need to terminate the life of the fetus unless when necessary, such as when certain circumstances cannot be avoided, such as when the life of the mother is considered to be in danger, and there is a need to save their life of the mother. This is because there is a need to treat identical instances needed to be treated with similarity (Vaughn, 2021). However, some factors can be considered to legitimize aborting the prenatal fetus when there is an equivalent rationale that can support the termination of the postnatal child. The conservatives base their arguments that their allusion to human life is considered purely biological in origin to avoid the presentation of their ideas as being religious-based.

The liberal argument in regard to the preservation of access to abortion is based on the concept that the rule of law is required to treat every individual equally. The topic of abortion has raised a key challenge that has raised several questions in regard to the course of human growth. The liberals perceive that according to the law when a person is born when they are promised to have an equal legal right under the law (Vaughn, 2021). However, the liberal problem requires that the state exerts power to limit the ravage of the uncontrolled act of will in society. It never needs to show restraint in exercising power that allows the advantage of the act of will in the community. The liberals, the fetus must discard the mother’s discretion until it becomes viable. Beyond that, many features can be terminated for the purpose of saving the life of the mother.

Personhood is considered an important aspect of the debate about abortion since it assumes a moral position regarding the fetus’s determination if abortion needs to be legalized. The conservation in regard to abortion is based on morality and if the human regarding considered to be human since it considers having the right to life, meaning that it can supersede the mother’s less essential right to take govern and take care of her own body fundamental, 2021). Thus making personhood to be an essential aspect of the debate

The perception that I considered to be plausible is that of the conservative view regarding abortion. Although I understand the argument for abortion as stated in the liberal view, I believe that life begins at conception.








Vaughn, L. (2021). Doing Ethics (with InQuizitive). W. W. Norton & Company.

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