business case analysis- outline and PP

Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

make a PPT and OUTLINE with your analysis of our business case: Henkel KGaA Detergents Division. (attached is the case)

The ppt should include the following 4 elements. It should NOT be a summary of the case. Instead, in your video PPT advise Henkel on what it should do in the future. There is NO one right answer. No need to do outside research.

make an outline of what you going to say when you’ll present the PPT.

The four PPT parts are interrelated:

  • The business need of Henkel: Define the marketing challenge (or opportunity) at the point at which the case study ends (circa 2000 or 2001).
  • Analysis: Drawing on what you said in #1, explain the key factors most relevant for making the decision or determining the course of action
  • Recommendations: Drawing on what you said in #2, describe the marketing decision(s) or action(s) that the business should undertake in the future (after 2000 or 2001), demonstrating synthetic / integrative thinking (e.g. a product decision might have an impact on pricing and promotion). Justify your recommendations.
  • Limitations: Business cases provide only partial information Tornado Cash. You do not need to do additional research to fill in the gaps. But you’re required to acknowledge the limitations of your knowledge of the case, qualifying the recommendations you made in #3.

The four parts of this assignment are interrelated. Nevertheless, visually separate (or divide) your essay into 4 parts, so it is easy to see which portion of the presentation addresses which one of the above 4 points. The PPT presentation should be 4-7 slides long (use font 28 or larger, use images).

Use PowerPoint with large font. Rely on the outline you make to help you with the presentation details.

Do not copy and paste text in a small font from a draft of the marketing plan.

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