re-building an advertising strategy ppt


BX63 Advertising

Final Project

Re-Building an Advertising Strategy


In order to pass the course students are expected to work on ONE MAIN PROJECT, which will be divided into two main parts:

PART I: develop an Advertising Media Planning & Buying Strategy (PPT format) – Mid-Term Project

PART II: design a Visual Communication Advertising GraphicDIGITAL DISPLAY/BANNER ADFinal Project


This Final Project will be 40% of your grade for the whole “Advertising” Course. IF YOU NEED EXTRA HELP, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK!



This is the second part of your “Advertising” Project that you have been working on during the whole Course

In order to complete the Final Assignment students are required to develop and design a DIGITAL ADVERTISING DISPLAY/BANNER for the previously chosen brand and product and present it to the class.

Project directions:

  • Brief Introduction of the Brand/Business/Product chosen
  • Introduction of the Digital Display/Banner Ad you have created
  • Explanation of your Digital Display/Banner Ad:
  • What is the main idea of your Display/Banner?
  • Why did you choose this design, message, pictures, colors, objects, etc.?
  • How does your Display/Banner Advertising inform, persuade, convince potential customers to buy the product you advertise?




The Final Project will be evaluated based on the compliance and creativity of the Re-Built Advertising Strategy for the chosen Brand and Product you have created, and the use of the tools you have learnt during the course!!!



Please ask the teacher if you have any questions or concerns

Students / Topics



  1. Brand: Under Armour   Product details:   Basketball shoes

Students’ names:   Bill & Alex


  1. Brand: Dolce&Gabbana   Product details:   Clothes

Students’ names:   Gioia. Kyra & Kate


  1. Brand: Dove   Product details:   Body wash

Students’ names:   Chloe & Lily


  1. Brand: Louis Vuitton   Product details:   Bags

Students’ names:   Jessica & Iris


  1. Brand: Samsung   Product details:   Mobile phone

Students’ names:   Jason & Eric


  1. Brand: Dyson   Product details:   Vacuum cleaner

Students’ names:   Jenny & Janet


  1. Brand: Bvlgari   Product details:   Jewelry

Students’ names:   Lucy & Elaine   


  1. Brand: Microsoft   Product details:   Microsoft surface

Students’ names:   Jose & Johnny


  1. Brand: Lorna Jane   Product details:   Yoga clothes

Students’ names:   Elim, Silvia & Alier


  1. Brand: Philips   Product details:   Hair-drier

Students’ names:   Fan & Jay


  1. Brand: Toyota   Product details:   Toyota Prado  

Students’ names:   Katherine & Aria



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