Common Information Model (CIM)

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Lab Instructions


The Common Information Model or CIM was written as a standard so that systems could talk the same language. SIEMS, as you will learn later, can use this model for searching across many disparate log sources and normalizing data. In this lab, you will need to read through the Common Information Model and investigate how systems, devices, and other companies are using it to normalize data.


Explore the Common Information Model. Investigate how systems use this model to standardize data.

System Requirements & Configuration

Software Requirements

No additional software is required.

Data Requirements

No data needs to be provided.

Procedure – Detailed Lab Steps

Lab Execution

Base Lab

  1. Go to the following sites and explore the common information model. We don’t expect you to know this 100%, but it will give you a good sense of what the information model is trying to do: (Links to an external site.)
    DMTF CIM Version 3.0.1 PDF (skim over this) (Links to an external site.)

  2. Links to an external site.Given the above standard, research how companies are using this model.
    1. Microsoft
    2. IBM
    3. Apple
    4. Palo Alto
    5. Others
  3. Some of these companies will have example logs online. Research these and write up how some of these companies use the CIM.
  4. Deliverable: Write a thorough (100-300 words) post about how companies use the Common Information Model.
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