Artificial Intelligence Question

  • Read the book of Proverbs in any modern translation of the Bible. As you read, note the important ideas of knowledge and wisdom. Computer Science deals with the important concepts of data (raw facts input to the system) and information (useful, processed data used by humans to make decisions). Data and information can be related to the Biblical concepts of knowledge and wisdom (especially as those terms are used in the book of Proverbs).

In your response, show how the CS and Biblical concepts are related. (What are the similarities between these Biblicat ideas of Knowledge and Wisdom and these CS ideas of Data and Information?) (around 300 word or more essay post)

Using a screen capture app (and not your phone or camera), capture your code for each level after you successfully complete it. Ensure both your code and the path traced by the ozobot are visible in the screen capture.

Insert your screen images into a Microsoft Word data file. Save your file with the name assignment 1.3 and upload it here. Be sure your name is in the document and you have labeled the images with the level number.

Homework Assignment 1.3 is worth 10 points and will be graded based upon accuracy and completeness of information along with properly inserting the images into the document.

  • Using your Ozobot, create code, load it into the robot, and execute it to perform the following:

A – travel in a square

B – travel in two “back to back” triangles [imagine a crude bow tie shape]

C – travel in the shape of an infinity sign [imagine two crude circles back to back]

Upload your code pasted into a document here. You can test out your code before downloading it to your Ozobot (or in the absence of a real robot) by using the simulator or by using and “ignore” the challenge and just code the assignment

  • After you have thoroughly read sections 11.1 – 11.3 in chapter 11 of Computer Science: An Overview. Answer the following questions:
  1. A)Draw the search tree that is generated by a breadth-first search in an attempt to solve the eight-puzzle from the following start state without the assistance of any heuristic information.  Continue the tree for 5 levels or until a solution is obtained.

1        3

4     2        5

7     8        6

  1. B)Draw the search tree that is generated by the best-fit algorithm below in an attempt to solve the eight-puzzle from the state shown in the first problem if the number of tiles out of place is used as a heuristic. [the first heuristic]
  2. C)Draw the search tree that is generated by the best-fit algorithm as detailed in the previous question in an attempt to solve the eight-puzzle from the following start state, assuming the heuristic used is as follows:

Measure the distance each tile is from its destination and add these values to obtain a single quantity. [the second heuristic]

1    2        3

5     7        6

4               8

  1. D)When solving the eight-puzzle, why would the number of tiles out of place [the first heuristic] not be as good a heuristic as the one described in the question above [the second heuristic]?
  • Thoroughly read the text The Mind of the Maker. Create a document which summarizes Sayers’ claims regarding the “creative mind.”


One of Sayers’ analogies was illustrating the creative process in the context of a writer. In your own words summarize and explain her analogy.


Maximum length of document: 3 pages.


Suggested length of document: 1.5-2 pages.


Be sure to carefully proof-read your document to ensure it is well-written and understandable. You document should have a title page with your name.

  • In the 20thcentury, there were great expectations (“high hopes”) for AI. In the 20th century many AI researchers felt that we would have “robot servants” by the end of the 1990s. These robots would have general intelligence and be able to interact with human beings on many levels. By the end of the 20th century; however, a number of AI researchers felt the goal was too difficult to achieve. At the beginning of the 21st century, the field of AI divided into two large “camps.”

Summarize the position of the two major camps and explain the root cause of the division. (Hints: I refer to the two camps as “strong” and “weak;” the cause deals with the nature of “I” in AI.)

Maximum length of document: 3 pages

Create a document which is clear and concise, free from syntax and semantic errors. Be sure to carefully proof-read your document to ensure it is well-written and understandable.

Use outside resources as needed to complete the paper. Remember to cite all resources used.


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