literature review, 15-17 pgs, 25 reference,

Learning Goal: I’m working on a political science case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

This research question will be a basis for your literature review and research proposal at the end of this course.

How does people’s negative behavior correspond to the COVID-19 virus vaccine policy mandate? It is crucial for public administration to have test information and time arrangement models since open organizations are more effective?

You must produce a 14–16-page literature review, based upon your dependent variable/research question from Week Two and Week Four. The lit review must be grounded in prominent peer-reviewed work on your particular dependent variable/research question. The paper must illustrate why your research question is meaningful and theoretically significant. To do this, you must provide reader with a strong sense of the state of the established literature in their chosen sub-field and must identify areas where they can make a substantial contribution to existing theory and scholarly discourse.

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