Adv Lesson Plans

Learning Goal: I’m working on a other question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Provide the following information regarding each meeting you observe.

Section I of the template should be no less than 2 pages including the prompts. The project must be submitted using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Be sure to include each prompt in the paper you submit. Answer the following prompts based on your observations. Provide specific evidence when answering the prompts.

1. Describe the collaborative team meeting, focusing on the collegial relationships and interactions as well as the relationship and interactions between teachers and leadership.

2. What norms were evident during the meeting and how did those norms impact the culture of the collaborative process?

3. Describe the shared instructional practices presented during the collaborative team meeting.

4. Describe the commitment to learning and student achievement displayed by the teachers and leadership during the collaborative meeting.

5. Explain what student assessment data was discussed and how that data-informed and improved instructional decisions: past, present, and future.

6. Explain how common formative assessments impacted the collaborative discussion.

7. Describe in detail how teachers focused on the following: a. What do we want our students to learn? b. How will we know they have learned it? c. How will we respond when a student does not meet mastery? d. How will we respond when a student exceeds mastery/expectation?8. What did you notice about the curriculum (content/skills) discusses in the meeting? Do students have the same knowledge and skills regardless of their assigned teachers? How do you know?

9. Explain the overall outcomes of the collaborative team meeting. II. In addition, candidates will answer the following prompt. Section II will only be completed once and should be no less than 1 page. Compare and contrast the 2 Collaborative Team Meetings observed. Keep in mind your coursework and the answers you provided in Section I of the template.


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