Enterprise Information Systems

Learning Goal: I’m working on a supply chain project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


First of all, we must simulate a company by ourselves, and then we are from the perspective of a consulting company, providing an information system solution for the virtual company. Whether or not the company originally had an information system is fine. In the example of my own simulation, you can choose to create a brand new system for the company, or you can improve the company’s original information system. So the first point is a critical evaluation of the business, the organization IT teams and their current issues. Think for yourself what problems the company is facing now, such as too many customers and not enough capacity.

Then the second step is to search for existing actual data. Search for the actual best practices in the field of information system in the current market, see some cases of top companies such as Deloitte, and refer to their analysis methods and information system solutions, such as organizational internal systems or organizational customer management systems.

Finally, make a suggestion, describe the information system you propose, and then combine it with the tool you want to use.

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