operation management

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Your task is to critically review THREE (3) recent article (2018 onwards) related to the topics in our syllabus. The article should come from a refereed journal.


  1. Your final report should be no less than 5 pages for an article reviewed (Times New Roman, Font 12, double spacing). This does not include your bibliographic references, diagrams or large gaps between parts of your report. There is no maximum length.
  2. Do not copy any part of the article into your review. If you want to use more than 3-4 author’s words, then use quotation marks, and add a page number from the article (if available) when you cite this quotation.
  3. Proofread your review for grammar and clarity as well as spelling. You should be sure that you have caught all mistakes and written clearly.
  4. Be careful of plagiarism.
  5. Please attach the original article you have reviewed.


An article results from critically examining all aspects of an article. You will have to read your article several times to understand it fully enough to review properly.

Often, comparing your article to others will help you determine its quality.

Also, think about the article and its ideas in terms of each of the different week’s concepts and frameworks we study in class. Do the ideas in the article fit all the categories of appropriate class concepts, model and frameworks? This often will help you see things the authors missed, think about things the authors write differently, or see that the authors indeed covered a topic thoroughly.


Please include the following categories in your article review. The total mark for this assignment is 100.

Categories Marks
1. Full bibliographic reference 1
2. Introduction 5
3. Very brief summary 5
4. Results 5
5. Contribution 10
6. Foundation 10
7. Synthesis with class materials 15
8. Analysis with additional analysis 15
9. General critique 15
10. Issues 15
11. Annotated bibliography 4
Total Score 100
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