BUS 501 peer response

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business law discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Computer mediated communication can impact job applications to select only those with qualifying skills. The problem with this process some potential employees aren’t good at taking test, which means this process can eliminate potential great candidates for employment at your organization. I think computer mediated hiring would benefit a manger hiring outside of his or her field of expertise. For example I work in Human Resources, if I’m hiring someone for a job in the medical field then an computer mediated system would select the best fit candidates by utilizing the predictive analysis tool which can detect micro expressions this would show a candidate that isn’t telling the truth about their particular skill set.

This tool would be particular useful for a human resource recruiter who interviews many people through phone call and video conferencing. The drawback is as Hynes says nonverbal messages can be misinterpreted; a computer can’t determine the reason why a person makes a frown except as a data point in assessment (Hynes & Veltsos, 2021). Everyone won’t do well in an interview over the phone or teleconferencing it’s just different. Remember the purpose of an interview is to make the best selection for a potential employee.

The computer tools are great but should not be relied upon totally. Old fashion interviews are still relevant, to sit across from a person and ask them questions and examine body language and make them feel at ease because you know their nervous and you were once there in that position. You can’t replace sit-down interviews all together.


Hynes, G. E., & Veltsos, J. R. (2021, January 26) Managerial Communication Strategies and Applications (Eighth Ed.) SAGE Publications, Inc.

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